How It All Began

Jerry Demlow is the sole owner of Jerry's Cafe, and started his business in 1979. Jerry has brought the place a long way in the almost 34 years since he became the owner.  His perseverance and hard work has brought Jerry's from a somewhat "rough-type" bar, to a favorite Wayne County restaurant and full service bar. 

After a devastating fire in 2011, Jerry decided to re-build and we re-opened on June 4, 2012.  It was a long road back, but Jerry and the remaining staff, didn't give up!  It was all worth the wait. The "new" Jerry's Cafe is beautiful, and the staff is second to none! 

At Jerry's Cafe, great quality food and exceptional customer service are a must for the staff, and they all do a great job!  So, if you are looking for a clean, friendly, warm atmosphere, with great food and drinks, Jerry's should be your next stop!  Come and give us a try!  You won't be disappointed, and we would love the opportunity to meet and provide you with a terrifice dining experience.